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  1. Why Rising Care?
    1. A one point solution of all health related problems
    2. Dependable as Rebound doctors and other personnel are the main driving force and members are getting the services from the organization. Both the members and the next kins are really happy with the communications in each step of services.
    3. Self-dependence is the key to live with respect. Rising Care makes and lends support to keep its members self-dependent.
    4. Proper Guidance about health care system.
    5. The Free Services those will be implemented throughout the year are the basic necessity to live without any underlying tension.
    6. Rising Care is the family where all the members can feel free to communicate at any hours of the day or night.
    7. All the specialty doctors of medicine and surgery are associated with Rising Care . There will be no problem of getting the correct opinion and execute the plan.
    8. Rising Care blend the medical needs with social supports which is the backbone of anybody’s independence.
    9. Maintaining medical records is the necessity now days. Rising Care will do that on your behalf.
    10. Many more……………………….
  2. Do I need to pay every time whenever any Geriatric Care Specialist comes to me?

No. One visit in every month is free of cost. Only you have to pay if there is more than one visit is necessary in a month though at a subsidized rate.

  1. Do I need to go every time for checking?

No. Basic clinical tests will be monitored at home . Only For laboratory and radiological tests you need to go to the clinical establishment and our representative will accompany you.

  1. How Rising Care will keep contact with us?

Every week the Rising Care official will call you and take the details of you over phone. If you need help the official passes on the message to Geriatric Care Professionals. They will again call you and will do the needful.

  1. How do I contact in case of emergency?

Rising Care has help line number #9038077784 which can be reached 24X7. Once you become a member of Rising Care, you will be provided a dedicated helpline number for emergency services.

  1. How do I arrange Ambulance in case of emergency?

Rising Care official will arrange ambulance and facilitate the admission procedure  at specified hospitals.

  1. Do I need to do all the formalities during the discharge from hospital?

No. Rising Care official will do all the necessary things for you including the pursuance of insurance at the time of discharge.

  1. I am a regular follow up patient of doctor X. Do I need to change the doctor if I become a member of Rising Care?

No. If you are happy and comfortable with the physician we will follow with the particular physician only. In case you need some other specialist consultation only in the case we will give you the guidance.

  1. I have recently done all the laboratory tests. Do I need to repeat all again?

No. Only the tests which are necessary for you will be done at the time of getting membership.

  1. Do I need to pay for the tests?

No. We will do all for you at the time of getting membership.

  1. How do I Pay ?

You can pay through cheque/ cash/ online.

  1. What do I do to take the services of Rising Care?

You need to take the membership of Rising Care. Minimum membership period is of 6 months that needs to be renewed thereafter. Call us at our help line number (9038077784) or fill up the ‘FIX AN APPOINTMENT’ form in the website and our official will get in touch with you . They will explain and complete all the formalities for getting membership. It is as easy as that.

  1. Do I discuss about my health and other problems with Rising Care professional before getting the membership?

Yes. Call us at our help line , our official will connect you at respective desk of your interest.

  1. Is there any package for couple?

Yes. In type ‘A’ category Rising Care have spouse plan. If an elderly couple joins as members Rising Care will provide few specialized services and facilities.

  1. How do I rely on Rising Care Geriatric Care Manager? Are they trustworthy?

We are very selective and careful about our staff. Our Geriatric Care Managers are from good social background, well educated. We do background checks of all employees and employ them as full time employees. Rising Care do not involve any third party agency for human resources. We maintain very strict selection procedure and give continuous training to all of our employees. Rising Care keeps constant vigil on the services provided by the Geriatric Care Managers.

  1. How the Rising Care officials visit us? Do we need to make an appointment ?

Rising Care Officials will make appointment with you before the schedule visit and they will let you know all the details about the visit.

  1. Is it very difficult to get registered with Rising Care? Do I need to provide any documents during the membership procedure?

The registration process is simple and Rising Care manager will help you with the formalities. We need only your address proof and your next kin’s communication details.

  1. How do I maintain my privacy?

The privacy of all our members are of paramount importance to Rising Care. Rising Care strictly follows its code of ethics. We do not disclose any information of our members to any third party. We only share medical information with the treating physician/ surgeon in case of necessity only after getting confirmation from the said member or member’s next kin.

  1. Who will come to visit me? Do I ask to change the Geriatric Care Manager for the next visit?

Doctors, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and other Geriatric Care Managers will visit you at regular basis to keep close watch at your physical and mental health. You can ask for replacement of any Geriatric Care Manager but the member needs to inform us in advance.