Help at home for Senior Citizen’s

Help at home for Senior Citizen’s

For the senior citizens living independently at home need help in many things starting from disbursing regular works to many other things. Help may range from daily tasks that you can no longer manage on your own to other things like utility bill deposit to visiting relatives home. Home maintenance to changing light bulb is very simple but required functions where they need help. Sometimes minor aiding equipments are also required for a walking frame which helps them to get around the home and neighborhood quickly and safely. Help in dressing, preparing meal also becomes important for aged people as they face difficulty in these things.

We have designed our aged care services with the aim of meeting and solving changing needs of our Senior Citizens. And we bring the service to your home without any worry or hustle. We assure you with Old age care at your home at an affordable cost with very friendly support staff.
With that government or other agencies are found to have insufficient elderly care services even if payment is made people don’t get the services they deserve or paid for we bring a revolutionary change in this part providing you a sound and efficient health care service. With a dedicated team of doctors, physiotherapists, nurses we can take care of all your emergency needs on a 24 x 7 basis for 365 days a year. It makes us unique and separate than all of our competitors.
We have a centralized contact center with expert senior care support staff. They will create your profile with us once you join with any of our plans. It ensures your safety and security with our world class service on healthcare.

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Help at home: what you can expect

Helping in your day to day tasks, help for you in your nursing and medical care and many another emergency to intellectual companionship support we bring all for you. With experienced physiotherapists taking care of your physiotherapy related issues to expert doctors taking care of your all medical needs. Nurses can be provided on a 24 x 7 basis on separate nursing contract with us.

Help at home: how we deliver the services

We are a team of expert doctor & nurses always ready to meet your emergency to the daily need of a medical checkup. With a regular supply of medicine to even dispensing the same at the proper time can be managed according to the service package you are coming with us. We also have other staffs who will visit your home for all your utility bill deposit work. If you want to visit any of your relative’s home, we can arrange the same as well with a person staying with you for your safety.

Personal care

Everyday tasks starting from bathing, dressing, eating, and taking the medicine you will receive all forms of help from us in every type of problem you are currently facing.

We can arrange the same to be made at your home or supplied to minimize the risks you might face while cooking at an old age. When it’s not suggested to prepare and also advised staying away from hazardous activities.

Social support and activities

Our Social support services will help you maintain an active social life by having someone visit you in your home, or by arranging visits and outings in the community. We believe in spending quality time with our senior citizens on an intellectual companionship basis which enriches our knowledge and helps them spend quality time with us.
Counseling and support

We found that Counseling and support services provide senior citizens with emotional support and practical assistance to help them understand and manage challenging situations. It helped many of our members to overcome the regular old age challenges that they are facing.

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