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Elderly Care Tips for a Fitter Life

Elderly Care Tips for a Fitter Life

  • 13/08/2019
  • 01:30

Do the seniors of your home maintain a healthy routine every day? Are you concerned about their daily diet and other health issues? With age, their immune system becomes poor. There are more chances to be affected by different infections and diseases like flu, pneumonia, cough, skin rashes, etc. To help them get a better life you need to guide them as a child.

Here is a list of issues you need to keep in mind when you have senior people aged 60 or above in your home:

  • 1. Give Attention to Their Diet
  • Food and diet are the most considerable issue in old age. Fat foods lead to prostate, pancreas, and colon cancers. They also increase gastrointestinal problems. According to the journals by WHO, elderly people suffer most of the diseases due to the lack of proper nutrition. With age, their digestion power becomes poor. They need more easy-to-digest foods, fresh greens, and fruits than oily and spicy food. With the proper balance of carb, protein, and fat they can boost their fitness. Fiber is very good to consume to keep the stomach clear.
  • 2. Strictly Restrict Street Food
  • Street food may call dangerous problems like stomach infection, dehydration, vomiting, allergies, etc. poor-quality oil and contaminated ingredients are used. These extra spicy foods can bring unnecessary stress and hassle on their health. Rather try to make them happy with delicious home-made snacks.
  • 3. Try to Improve their Natural Immunity
  • With the poor immune system, they become more sensitive to diseases like flu, cold, fever, etc. For a better immune system, keep nuts, almonds, dry fruits, grains, and corns in their diet.
  • 4. Encourage Them not to Skip Medicines
  • Encourage the seniors to take the medicines timely but, lack of transportation and physical difficulties it becomes a challenging task to purchase medicines. Services like Elderly care at home in Kolkata can help old people to get rid of this problem. They reach the required medicines at your doorstep on-time.
  • 5. Maintain Their Hydration
  • Keep your close eyes on their hydration. With age, skin and body become dry. The system needs more fluid to stay hydrated. Make sure that they drink pure and filtered water every time they drink. Fruit juice is also a great source to stay hydrated. In the case of kidney diseases, restrict the limit of water and follow the advice of the physician.
  • 6. Stay Concerned about allergy-related issues
  • Aging makes people more prone to allergies. Pollen, animal fur, cotton, dust, and some fragrances may cause allergies. Allergies cause severe respiratory issues and breathing problems. Contact a doctor immediately in such a case.
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