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Elderly Care at Home for Loved Ones Who Once Cared for us

Elderly Care at Home for Loved Ones Who Once Cared for us

  • 22/05/2019
  • 11:10

To care for people who once cared you is the best level of honour one can achieve is a famous quote from ...

Caring your loved ones is not only a responsibility but to love them back. However, with time, the situations, circumstances, and abilities to take care of the loved ones at their old age or during their need are not possible for everyone. In such cases, the loved ones feel neglected and get depressed. This is a very common issue in today’s scenario among many. If you are unable to provide care and assistance to your loved ones at their old age home, try to avail the elderly care professional service.

Do you have any idea about what elderly care is? Elderly care or elder care is caring for elder persons or senior citizens to meet the different needs and requirements of a senior citizen. The care includes nursing care, assisted living, adult day care as well as home care in a broader sense. It is not the matter that age is the only factor that determines whether an aged person needs elder care. But, the care is required for the elderly person who has varied physical disabilities, different diseases leading to the need for care services. Those who are unable to provide care to their ailing seniors due to various reasons can avail reliable and professional elder care programs.

What are the types of elderly care services?

The different types of elderly care services are:

  • In-home care amidst family members
  • Independent living facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Dementia Care facilities
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Apart from the above mentioned some common problems like memory loss, confusion, memory loss, attention problems, dementia, loneliness, etc. are also seen.

When you are availing these professional care facilities for your loved ones, you are ensuring that you get trained staffs that have attained the skills through several years of practice before entering in any professional caring service unit. In some of the units providing elderly care in Kolkata, also make available doctor visits, diagnostic visits, trained attendants, nurse, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and nutrition, etc.

Among the elderly loved ones, the tendency to avail home’s comfort is very common. They love to be at home whatever the situation may be. ‘Home, sweet home’ is the ideal mantra for everyone and especially those who are counting their last days. According to them, the comfort and the ease at home can never be compared with any luxury hotel also.

To have effective & smooth home care for senior citizens in Kolkata the key points to keep in mind:

  • Keep the prescriptions and medications of the elderly ready to provide those to the caregiver.
  • Note down the name of the doctors who are looking after the health of the elderly person in case of an emergency.
  • Prepare a list of exercises for the elderly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Keep the diet chart or the nutritional needs as per the prescription of doctors so that the caregiver to plan and arrange the meals accordingly.
  • Keep the contact number of any of the family members to reach out an emergency.
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