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Home Care Services for Elders Provide you with a lot of Unique Benefits

Home Care Services for Elders Provide you with a lot of Unique Benefits

  • 07/06/2019
  • 12:00

The bridge between work and family is difficult to meet nowadays. Though work is important, we often tend to forget that the elderly members of our family have a limited time to spend with us. This is why a helping hand to take special care of them is required at home.

What is meant by home care service?
By home care service we mean providing expert aid at your home for senior care. We offer reliable doctors, trusted physiotherapists and ablest nurses. Our motto is to prioritize the comforts, health and improved living conditions of the elderly member of your family. We hold special reputation for having fulfilled our motto time and again.

What makes us a unique Senior Care Service?

  • Home delivery services. At the middle of the night, if you feel the need of getting medicines supplied to your home, then just give us a call. We are 24x7 available to supply medicines and/or medical instruments at your home.
  • Rent/purchase a medical instrument. In critical situations, the presence of medical equipment at home might save you from further mishaps. That is why we provide instruments like, wheelchair, oxygen cylinders, cardiac monitors, and syringe pumps, pulse oximeter etc. that you can rent or purchase.
  • Doctor’s visit. Many senior people suffer from physical disability due to their age. Visiting the doctor’s chamber regularly causes them pain and sometimes may even affect their health. This is why we let the elderly dwell in the comfort of their home while our doctors pay them a visit for their check-ups.
  • Physiotherapists at home. Home care service in Kolkata is best provided by Rising Care. We are reputed to provide first class physical therapy treatment. Our physiotherapists are highly trained individuals. They treat each patient differently by preparing different treatment plans. Most importantly they keep cautious of their patients’ comfort and satisfaction.
  • In-house ICU Service. For a speedy recovery of elderly patients, especially after surgeries, we provide in-house ICU services. This include the presence of skilled nurses 24 hours, monitoring and recording of ECG, prevention of bed sores, administration of oxygen, and many other services under your own roof.
  • Emergency admission in Hospitals. Emergencies may occur at any time; you may or may not be present at the right time to make the right call. Let us take responsibility of such situations instead. We provide highly skilled and professionally trained individuals to take care of your dear senior member under emergency situations.
Therefore, we can understand the importance of a helping hand at home. On the other hand, we not only provide caretakers or nurses for your family’s eldest member, we provide a lot more. We take responsibility for the well-being of seniors. We provide medical instruments and medical expertise for the betterment of their health. We carry out our promises and never let down our clients. This is what makes us the most unique and the best elder care at home Kolkata. This is why Rising Care provides help just at your doorsteps.
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