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What is The Best Elderly Care Solution in Kolkata

What is The Best Elderly Care Solution in Kolkata

  • 03/06/2019
  • 12:20

Nowadays, elderly members of a family are mostly neglected due to the fast lives of the others. But it is important to realize that they are the ones who need your utmost attention and help. If you have a senior member at your home you will know, how important it is to supervise their health and hygiene, as they are mostly unable to do so by themselves. Fortunately, elderly care Kolkata is not problematic anymore as Rising Care provides numerous services under your own roof.

Who are we?
We are a leading group of expert doctors, dieticians and nutrition specialists and professional physiotherapists, psychologists and social workers with skilled nurses and caretakers. We provide several medical and non-medical benefits for elder care at your doorsteps.

Why do you need elder care at home?
The answer is simple; home offers the senior individuals with a favorable environment that they are well acquainted with. Under such circumstances they get ample freedom and peace of mind. Physical discomfort does not allow them to go out for health check-ups at the doctor’s chamber regularly. So help at home would be a respite for their fragile body and mind.

What kind of benefits do we provide?

  • We provide a variety of medical services at home. These include our medical experts at your home for elderly individuals. We run frequent health check-ups and keep a complete track of the elderly person’s health issues.
  • Our dieticians and nutrition experts can prepare personalized charts for your elderly parent. That helps them avoid the elements that are harmful for their body and simultaneously keep them healthier. This chart can also be used while you are referring to a doctor.
  • Our physiotherapists are one of the bests in the city. They can provide first class physiotherapy treatment at any flexible hour of the day, according to your convenience.
  • Apart from these, we even deliver medicines at your doorsteps. This is one of the many non-medical services that we provide.
  • If your elderly member goes through any surgery, we provide highly skilled nursing care service to take care of them at home after they have been discharged.
  • At emergency situations, if conditions prevail, then in the absence of a family member we provide cashless service, according to which, the patient is admitted to the hospital without any admission fee.

How trusted are we?
We have a reputation in not compromising with our client’s satisfaction. We not only fulfill our duties, we care for our senior citizens. We provide the best physiotherapy treatment in Kolkata. Our team comprises very sincere and hard-working people who work 24x7 for the welfare of the elderly generation. And this is why we are trusted all over by the people.
What can be concluded?
Since old age home is not even an option for your loving elderly parent, availing elderly services at home is the best option. And since we provide you with so many extra benefits, Rising Care is the ultimate solution to elder care service at home Kolkata.
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