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Arthiritis Treatment

Chronic Arthritis Treatment and Physiotherapy at home in kolkata for Elderly Persons.

Almost everyone with arthritis can vouch for the fact that it changes their lives for the worse. From financial resources to daily activities, everything is affected because of this disease. In short, arthritis is not easy to live and cope up with. But the situation can be improved with the help of doctors and health care specialists who can recommend medications, exercises, self-care techniques and much more to improve the condition of the patients.

Why do the elderly need rehabilitation for chronic arthritis?

  • Patients of chronic arthritis feel a level of discomfort, fatigue, pain and stiffness all the time
  • People feel frustrated as it leads to a loss of strength and grip thereby affecting their daily lives.
  • Pain, stress and changes in roles in family and friend circle can lead to a feeling of depression and other strong feelings
  • It’s tough to go about in daily lives as one continually struggles with this disease.

How do we help rehabilitate patients with chronic arthritis?

  • We have an experienced and efficient team of doctors and health care team who help the patients to cope up with this disease without any major change in their daily lives
  • The patients are prescribed with proper medications which will help lessen their discomfort
  • We also teach the patients a set of special exercises, joint protection techniques and other self-care activities
  • Regular check-ups are done by doctors and physiotherapists to check on the progress of the patient

Irrespective of the type of arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Reactive etc.), we try to provide best possible treatment accordingly. It is not that we provide best treatment but some best orthopedics in Kolkata are among the board members of our organization.