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Get Hands on Our BiPAP on Rent/Sale At Home and Unshackle Yourself from COPD

Being used for treating sleep apnea, BiPAP, or bi-level positive airway pressure, stands useful for patients having irregular breathing problems or COPD. Such breathing problems are highly seen with senior citizens owing to their deteriorating health conditions. COPD is diagnosed in two forms, one being Emphysema and Chronic bronchitis being the other.  To treat such breathing issues consider BiPAP on rent/sale at home from our elderly care organization.

How does BiPAP work?

With the help of a BiPAP machine, the patient inhales pressurized air via a mask that regulates the pattern of his/her breathing while they are asleep or their COPD symptoms flicker.

The BiPAP machine maintains a steady breathing pressure to help the patient have a non-obstructive breathing pattern while they are asleep. BiPAP machines can also be used in urgent situations when the symptoms of COPD flickers drastically.

BiPAP assists a patient to exhale and inhale via two different pressures instead of a constant pressure that brings in difficulty while exhaling. Besides, BiPAP machines also hold mechanisms and breathe timing features that measure the required amount of breath per minute. In case the difference of time in breathing exceeds the preset limit the machine increases the air pressure forcing the patient to breathe.

Doctors can recommend BiPAP on rent/sale at home for those suffering from sleep apnea and cannot adjust to CPAP therapy.

What are the uses of BiPAP therapy?

You can opt for a BiPAP on rent/sale at home to suffice to its common uses such as –

  • Breathing trouble
  • Sleep apnea
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • General health
  • Fatigue

Avail the machine for BiPAP on rent/sale at home from Rising Care Senior Health Solution and make your treatment cost-effective.

Apart from BiPAP, we also offer you oxygen concentrators and CPAP on rent/sale at home along with other elder care services such as outdoor work assistance, doctor home visits, 12/24 hours attendant, etc.

Need BiPAP on rent/sale at home? Contact Rising Care – your senior health care partner!