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Why Senior Citizens Need Psychological Counseling?

Aging and Geriatric Issues:

  • Aging is a natural process that may present challenges for some individuals and their families. Although many older adults look forward to moving from middle age into their later years, it may be difficult for others to adjust.
  • Immediate memory, or the ability to name objects, hearing and vision, bodily strength, appetite and energy level.
  • Psychological Counselling for Senior Citizen in Kolkata

Cognitive and Mental Health Concerns:

  • Senior Citizens often experience mild mental decline as they grow older, but some adults may be affected by dementia, which can lead to significant impairment in function and may influence the development of conditions such as depression, paranoia, and anxiety.

Counselling Methods & Procedures:

  • The psychologists of Rising Care are highly qualified to handle any critical case regarding the mental health of senior citizens.
  • The healing capabilities of the body could be restored by the counseling methods of our psychologists with new hope to live longer.
  • Senior citizens sometimes find it difficult to open up in front of psychologists, but this can be easily sorted out by the psychologists.
  • Behaviorial abnormality found of a senior citizen by their family members can be taken care of by our psychologists in Rising Care.