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Eradicating All The Hassles, Rising Care Senior Health Solution, Bring You Emergency Hospitalization Assistance.

A recent report by Hindustan Times shows that every one out of two heart patients loses their life as it takes more than 400 minutes to reach a hospital and a lot of time is wasted in transportation. 

Besides, it has also been reported that many patients lose their life due to untimely treatment or their health condition deteriorates for reaching late to the hospital.

Hence, it is essential that you get your patient to the hospital on time, especially if your patient is a senior citizen. However, it may be so that you are unable to avail ambulance service on time owing to which you are reaching the hospital late.

Don’t let such events occur while taking care of your aged parents.

Be prepared in advance!

Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers you emergency hospitalization assistance to make sure that your aged parents get timely treatment without any hassle and deal with serious health conditions conveniently. You can avail our ambulance services which are highly equipped to offer your patient urgent treatment to keep situations under control while you are on the way to the hospital. Also, our ambulance doctors and nurses are efficient enough to assess the current condition of your elderly member and decide to take your patient to the hospital or whether they can be treated instantly.

While you avail our emergency hospitalization assistance we will ensure that your patient is admitted to the hospital to start with the treatment and you can pay the admission fees within 24 hours. This proves beneficial while you are away from home or settled abroad.

In addition, our emergency hospitalization assistance has successfully saved hundreds of life day-to-day. Our control system and ambulance stations are always alert and respond to your requirements immediately.

Need emergency hospitalization assistance?
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