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Get Your Care Unit at Your Preferred Atmosphere with ICU Setup at Home

Similar to a child, senior citizens too, disgust the idea of being admitted to a hospital for days-after-days. However, several critical health conditions may call for hospitalization, specifically being admitted to the ICU.

Don’t leave your parents with tragic old age memorabilia!

Consider ICU set up at home that will help your aged parents be under treatment and at the same time be in the preferred environment.

Referring to the news that was aired on 12th March 2018 by The Hindu Business Line, where a 76-year-old father suffered from back-to-back critical health conditions owing to which he was admitted to the ICU for over three weeks. After his condition brought stability the doctor prescribed that he could be taken back home provided there is an arrangement for ICU set up at home. 

After the required arrangement was made and there was a successful ICU set up at home, the daughter went bonkers seeing the expenditures she had to cater to while her father was in the hospital compared to the expenses required for the at-home ICU. 

ICU set up at home had a hell and heaven difference from the expenses incurred in the hospital stays and was comparatively less. While they had to bear a whopping amount of Rs. 20,000 per day during the hospital stays, the at-home ICU costs a minimal amount of Rs. 4500 per day.

Benefits of ICU set up at home

While you get your ICU at home you bring in several benefits along for your aged patient. Some of the benefits are –

  • It is highly cost-effective
  • The setup is done by experienced mechanics thus reducing your hassle
  • You get 24 hours attendants for your aged parents
  • It keeps your parents under the preferred environment
  • There is no restriction of visiting hours hence you can spend quality time with your parents

Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers ICU set up at home services to keep your parents with you while they are being treated. This way you can keep an account on the improvement and the quality of care provided to your aged parents.

Besides, being in the accustomed atmosphere further speeds up the recovery and also does not leave any mental trauma that could have incurred in a hospital environment for too long.

In addition, our team of experienced staff also makes sure that your aged parents receive enormous care even if you are away without any compromise.

Along with ICU set up at home, we are a host of several other services such as outdoor work assistance, nurses and attendants, doctor home visits, physiotherapy at home, etc.

Contact us to explore our elderly care services and to take care of your aged parents even from miles away.