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In Search of A Male Nurse to Take Care Of Your Elderly Member? Care with Us!

With age, certain health complications snoop in, making your elderly people partially or completely (in some cases) disabled. Being a successor to the elderly individual, it comes upon you as a responsibility, to take utmost care of them.  Needless to say, it is evident that you do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and happy.

However, such responsibilities can become hectic if you have a busy schedule. Additionally, not being professionally trained, the difficulty can increase. Besides, the world can crash upon you, if you have to leave them for a day or two for a business trip. The only support you crave for is a male nurse.

Searching for a helping hand to support you in such situations?
Your search ends right here.

Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers you male nurses at home to take additional and professional care of your senior citizens and avoid every kind of unforeseen events.

Our professional nurses serve you with several benefits to decrease your pressure and worries. Such benefits include –

  • Special elderly care for hospital returned individuals to speed up recovery
  • Reduces stress that would have occurred in a hospital environment
  • Assistance for elderly individuals with restricted mobility
  • On-time medication and meals

Apart from the above, our professional male nurses also provide elderly care for those fighting with critical diseases.

Your elderly member just got back home from an ICU? 

Fear not!
We are here to help.

Claimed and proven before! We are efficient!

Our male nurses at home are trained to take additional care for ICU returned patients. They are expert in –

  • Tracking nutritional and fluid intake
  • Preventing bedsores
  • Monitoring scheduled heartbeat

Summing it all up, our male nurses are efficient enough to keep track of the vital symptoms and signs to undergo required and on-time treatment. They are trained to professionally inject medicines if required. Other services that they offer are catheterization, washing of bladder, Ryles tube insertion, monitoring blood pressure and body temperature, etc.

We do not stop here!

Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers you several other services required for elderly care. Avail our services and provide your elderly members an experience like never before.

We promise you happy faces! Contact and get your male nurse at home now!