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Rising Care Gives You Medical Care at Home for Elder or Senior Citizens

Doctors at Home for Elderly Persons

Medical care at home or nursing at home becomes an integral factor in every senior citizen’s daily life. Undoubtedly lot of elderly persons in and around Kolkata, whose children lives miles away from them and there is nobody around to take care of their daily medical needs.

Due to old age, it is difficult for them to visit doctor’s chamber every week without anyone’s help, that’s why it is quite necessary for them to get attended by doctors at their home, or need companion in case they need to visit the doctor at his chamber.

At Rising Care, we do care about our elderly member and gift them a healthy life so that ailments can’t bother them anymore. Advanced health check-up along with the right medicines will surely help them to lead a healthy life with full of energy and positivity. Our medical home care services for elderly members includes a thorough health check-up at the initial phase, to rule out unnecessary emergencies. Our dedicated team of care managers will ensure regular health monitoring and periodical check-ups. Our dieticians and nutrition experts also prepares the diet chart for our members, which are further supervised by the doctors before prescribing the charts.

Medical & Non-Medical Services We Offer:

  • 24x7 Support & Care Services to Elderly & Senior Citizen
  • Attention to flexibility, intimacy and comfort with medical needs as well as day-to- day tasks
  • Allows elderly and senior citizen individuals to stay in the comfort of their own house
  • Providing with flexibility and continuous nursing homes medical care
  • Prepare a senior citizen by looking to an alternative lifestyle to retire and live
  • Support and appropriate attention, financing, physical and mental health to senior citizens

Flexible & Well-suited Services:

  • Depending on inclination, financing and your physical state, you can discover which kind of care is the most suitable choice.
  • Multiple choices available in regards to locating a spot to reside outside of your home.
  • Nursing homes and assisted living are two choices for medical care outside the residence
  • Assisted living enables you flexibility and the freedom to deal with your life with no constraints of the nursing home facility
  • Depending on your own physical demands, visits can not be as frequent as as much as 24 hours or one hour each day