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The Sale And Rent Of Life Saving Medical Equipments

The Sale And Rent Of Life Saving Medical Equipments

It goes without saying that the medical science has undergone a vast transformation with respect to the mankind benefits. Hence, human life expectancy has also increased all through the world. But everything cannot be attributed to the progress in the medical science. The care giving equipment and techniques has improved in the past few years, and it has a very big role to play.

The right care can bring a difference in the recovery of the patients

The advanced medical science can help in saving the life of a patient. But, it is the right care that aids in faster recovery. The technique of care giving demands for expensive and hi-tech, medical tools and equipment. Such medical equipments are useful in saving the lives of patients suffering from critical health conditions.

We rent life saving medical equipments

The majority of the medical devices and equipments are expensive. Moreover, they might be required only for a few days time. Hence, buying them doesn’t make much sense and affordability is also a factor that needs to be considered. We understand the need of such medical equipments for the mankind very well. Hence, we have started with the renting services for the expensive medical devices for home use at a budget friendly pricing.

The equipments that we offer for purchase and rent

  • Wheel chairs
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Ventilator
  • Syringe pump
  • Suction apparatus
  • Motorized and manual beds
  • Pulse oximeter
  • DVT Stockings with pump
  • CPAP

Why should you hire our medical equipments for rent or sale purposes?

You may be wondering why should you hire our services when it comes to medical equipment sale in kolkata or medical equipment on rent in kolkata. Well we take special care about all of our eqipments making sure that you as a customer gets the best possible equipments at a cheap rate making sure that our rent fees are always budget friendly for all of you.

We consider health and hygine to the core, hence we ephathasis a lot in offering extremely clean equipments in terms of bacteria or virus so that you can use these equipments without any fear of infection at your own conventient way.

We provide after sell service like a professional, where even after purchasing an equipment, getting it on rent from us, we make sure that all the equipments are working fine or we call you on various times to confirm if you have any issues while using the equipment and guess what if you have any issues, we will help you with demostructions and other guidance so that you don’t face any problem ever again.

Satisfying the patients is our sole mission

Apart from providing the in-house care and treatment facilities, we are involved in the selling and renting of medical equipments. It has always been our prime mission to bring the advanced life saving medical equipments and techniques in common man’s reach. Thus, there is an improvement in the quality of life. We strive hard to content patients and bring a smile on their face with our services.

A wide range of medical equipments are available for sale and rent options

You can get hold of almost every kind of medical equipment for the recovery of patients at home on a rental basis. Medical equipments for patient care products, rehabilitation, disability, respiratory issues are available for sale and rent. We understand the need for such services 24*7. Hence, we don’t hesitate to offer the weekend and the after hour deliveries as well. In case, of any equipment malfunction, our engineers will ensure repairing or replacement within a few hours time.