ICU Set up at Home

“The best medicine for humans is love.” – Anonymous 

And at critical conditions, your aged parents may require intensive care and more love at a familiar atmosphere, i.e. their home surrounding their family, to speed up the recovery. 

Besides, extended days at the hospital can lead to depression and stress which may be responsible for the deteriorating health condition of the concerned senior patient which rises the pressing need for at-home care. 

Acknowledging the fact that senior citizens at times may require Intensive Care Unit facilities for a prolonged period. Choosing a hospital over the home can be both economically and emotionally draining. 

The Intensive Care Unit facility mainly comprises medical devices and nurses.


At Rising Care, you can get the best of both! 

You can choose to either rent or purchase medical devices as per your budget and convenience. 

We offer you all the required ICU devices such as – 

  • Semi Fowler Bed 
  • Ventilator 
  • Oxygen Concentrator 
  • Portable oxygen cylinder 
  • Pulse oximeter 
  • Nebulizer 
  • Air/Water Mattress 
  • Cardiac Monitor 
  • Suction Machine 
  • IV Antibiotic therapy 
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • COPD management 
  • Home Oxygen Therapy  
  • BiPAP and CPAP support 
  • Bedsore care 
  • Anticoagulation administration 
  • ICU equipment provision 
  • Enteral feeding 
  • Care of IV lines
  • IV fluid management and administration 
  • Wound and stoma care 
  • Tracheostomy care 

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The benefits of choosing ICU set up at home are -

Cost-effective – Hospital care can be both emotionally and economically draining, whereas at-home treatments are much affordable. 

Familiar environment – There is no better place that the familiar atmosphere of your home. This known environment speeds up recovery and eliminates the chances of depression and stress. 

Personalized care – The patient concerned can get 24/7 care as per requirement without any disruption. 

Professional care – The patient concerned can be under the supervision of professional nurses and doctors to get optimal care.

Rising Care is known for its quality of service and professionalism. We take care of all the requirements of senior patients with compassion and sincerity. We house a team of experienced nurses and doctors that renders quality care.

You can leave all the work on us. Our team will be responsible for delivering the devices to your home and install the same for your convenience. It is requested that you carefully follow the instruction for a seamless treatment. 


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