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My name is Chinmoy Banerjee. I live in Chicago, USA. My mother is under the medical care of Rising Care. My mother, Mrs. Rama Banerjee became associated with Rising Care in the last 6 months. My mother is 77 years old. This has been good for her. The staff at Rising Care has shown a lot of care and compassion for her needs. She does worry about her health quite a bit. The Rising Care staff visit her at her home on a regular basis and check up on her. It gives her peace of mind knowing that her health is allright. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my mother is feeling good about herself. In addition to medical care, they all send staff to help take my mother to the bank. This is also very helpful. I would recommend Rising Care as a group that can take care of parents whose children live far away from them. Thank you Rising Care and staff.

I am one of many Indians who live abroad while my elderly mother lives is Kolkata, India. I am so very pleased and grateful that Rising Care, especially Dr. Amitabha Saha, has been in charge of my mother’s health and medical issues.

At 89, my mother has a clear mind but limited mobility, and it gives us great confidence that she is regularly monitored and receives proactive medical attention from Dr. Saha which keeps her well and stable. We no longer fear for how to deal with a medical emergency from such a great distance should that occur. The chances of an emergency is reduced because my mother receives regular care and because we are confident Dr. Saha will be there should such an emergency arise.

Dr. Saha provides more than medical care: he is caring, concerned, and compassionate, and an extremely good physician. My husband, also a physician, and I are very pleased to recommend the much needed and comprehensive services of Rising Care.

My parents are the esteemed member of ‘RISING CARE’. Living far away in Mumbai, I often remained concerned about their health and lifestyle. After one health problem, my father had to get admitted to the hospital and during the post discharge rehabilitation process he came across “RISING CARE”.

I am currently feeling much reassured. I wish to congratulate all the members of “RISING CARE” as they are already getting the same medical, paramedical, and social support that my parents are getting so far from this organization. The organization is reported to be functioning for the health conscious citizens, especially seniors, whose children are living away from the city or country.

I profoundly thank the founder doctor/s for establishing such an organization possibly for the first time in Eastern India until now. All the very best,

Like any child, especially those living far from home, one of the biggest fears and concerns is the sound health and well-being of ageing parents. Therefore, it is heartening when an organization like RISING CARE comes together with a distinguished set of healthcare experts, to step into the shoes of caregivers and caretakers. My father has been at the receiving end of their wonderful treatment and care in 2012 and has thereafter been looked after consistently by the team of experts there.

It is an absolutely commendable initiative and I wish the organization the very best in this noble initiative. I sincerely hope that many other patrons utilize their valued medical advice and care thus putting many a troubled child’s mind at ease.

I want to acknowledge the care and support that Dr. Amitabha Saha has shown during the last few months that I have known him. My mother was serously ill with lung infection and was in the ICU few months ago. Her heart condition was also not very good. Today she has recovered beyond what we all had imagined and most of the credit goes to Dr. Saha. My mother completely trusts him and depends on him. I hope Dr. Saha will be able to render his support for years to come. Thanks,

In the recent past, my father has been under the care and treatment of the wonderful group of medical practitioners at “RISING CARE” and I am pleased to report that we have been very satisfied with the professional medical service he received. I am more than happy to endorse this program and wish the founding members the very best in their new endeavor.

Like my sisters have mentioned, we can be rest assured now that our parents are in good hands in our absence.

It is an absolutely commendable endeavor and I wish the organization much luck and my best wishes for this noble initiative.

I live near Boston in Massachusetts. After living in the U.S. for forty years, my aging parents, both in their 80s, are now residing in Kolkata. While it is true that they can easily access excellent domestic help and a responsible chauffeur for their household needs, I always feel concerned about access to medical facilities during an emergency. This is when my father heard about Rising Care through a relative and signed up for their services for a year. In addition to emergency services, this organization apparently seemed to offer regular tests and home visits from a physician. To be honest, at first, I was quite skeptical as the organization was new and relatively unknown.

However, from my parents’ experience during this past year, I have gained more confidence in the services and staff of Rising Care, especially Dr. Amitava Saha. I am currently visiting my parents for the past two months. During my stay, both my parents had certain medical situations (although non-emergency in nature) during evening hours. After calling Dr. Saha, he actually came for a house-visit within hours and sent his staff for blood pressure and other check-ups. Such situations arose twice in the past month. I must say that Rising Care has exceeded my expectations. The medical staff members are very cordial and competent and treat my parents as their own elder relatives. Dr. Saha is not only medically very competent, but is also forward-thinking and well-read about current medical research. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Rising Care. Ten thousand miles away, I can sleep better at night as my parents are in the care of capable hands.

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