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Welcome to Rising Care

Get world class medical and Non medical services for elders at Home

Doctors at your

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Nursing care and 12/24 hours Ayah/Attendant

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Physiotherapy at home/clinic

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Medical Instrument on rent or for sale

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Our Care Plans

  • Doctors visit at home
  • Nursing service, 12/24 hours Aya/Attendant at home
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Rising Care Managers visit and regular basic health monitoring
  • Monthly Medicines supply
  • Setting Up ICU at home
  • Lifesaving medical equipment at home
+ more plans
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Why Choose us

Doctor at your Home

With our team of dedicated & quality physicians On call 24/7 365 days a year

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Emergency health problem management

The requirement of ambulance during serious health conditions is known to all. We bring that with best equipment’s….

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Give the support as a virtual mentor

As far as emergencies regarding the health of senior citizens are concerned, we provide immediate treatment

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Intellectual Companionship

Loneliness at an advanced age begets a lot of concerns. With us you get care and companionship both…

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Senior Citizen Care Services & Elder Care services

The eternal peace that one finds at home cannot be compared with anything else in the world and that’s where the idea of Rising Care took its shape. The dynamic and fast moving economy of today force most children to move away from their parents in search of greener pastures but their concern for their elderly parents back home continues to grow. They know that the huge psychological impact created upon their parents if they are asked to leave their homes would be too much for them to bear in addition to the absence of their children. Rising Care is a senior citizen care service providing organization in Kolkata which is founded keeping these things in mind. It provides comprehensive solutions to all the medical and social needs of the seniors in Kolkata with an efficient, skilled and professional team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, healthcare specialists and management professionals.Rising Care is ready to provide elder care services at home and Physiotherapy at home Kolkata by their respective professional and experienced physiotherapists.

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Our Services & Goals