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We Offer Several Elderly Care Treatments at Home

We Offer Several Elderly Care Treatments at Home

  • 3/07/2019
  • 03:00

Old age is painful when your requirements are not paid attention to. The elderly members of your family suffer from several diseases. One of the most painful of those diseases is arthritis. We understand how the elderly citizens need to be taken care of, so that they can stay healthy both physically and mentally. We offer a range of home care facilities including physiotherapy, for the betterment of their health. This is why, we at rising care, provide a lot of home care benefits along with physio therapeutic treatments for our elderly patients.

Benefits of elderly care that we offer at your home are:

  • We provide home delivery services where, our workers deliver the required medicines at your doorsteps.
  • In case you live in a different city, and hardly can take care of your parents by yourself, you can wholly rely on us for first class elderly care services. If we are assigned with full time responsibility of your elderly parent, then, we provide ayahs for 24x7 services.
  • We even cater to post surgery situations and offer extra intensive care to the patients. We help them regain their sensation or muscle response after the surgery.
  • We are always updating our treatment plans, according to the requirement of our patients. We often collaborate with your medical advisor to upgrade our treatment facilities.
  • We also impart emergency facilities, especially to those elderly citizens, who live away from their sons or daughters. In case of emergency, we lend our helping hands, without help, and execute best services for them.
  • We understand that old age can be dull and lonely. This is the reason why we provide all elderly care services under your roof, so that your elderly parent can enjoy healthy sociable days.
  • Our physiotherapists offer Physiotherapy for elders Kolkata at your home, according to your convenient time. They are ready to pay a visit to you anytime for any kind of assistance or treatment.

Benefits related to the treatment of arthritis that we provide:
  • Our team of doctors and therapists understand the effects any major change can have on our elderly patients; which is why they start the required treatment in their usual circumstances, in their home, among the family members.
  • We provide medications required for our patients, after a proper thorough study of their medical history.
  • We aim at reducing the discomfort arthritis patients generally go through, which is why; we teach our patients special exercises, joint protection techniques and self-care activities.
  • Our physiotherapists perform regular check-ups on our patients to track their progress.
  • We try to provide the best treatment possible to our elderly patients, irrespective of the type of arthritis they are suffering from.
  • Our team of experts has some of the best orthopedic in Kolkata.
As you can see, we bring forth the best Elderly Care at home Kolkata at your home. We understand how living in an old age home can bring major psychological and physiological change in elderly people, and so we bring all the elderly care for them under one roof. .
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