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What are the Different Elder Care Options in Kolkata

What are the Different Elder Care Options in Kolkata

  • 28/06/2019
  • 12:00

There are a lot of options these days, when it comes to selecting elder care services, for the elderly member of your family. Old age home is the most common choice, but the services that are provided there, and the mental and psychological changes that elderly citizens go through due to change in their living situations, has declined its popularity over the years. Elderly care services assigned at home, seems to be a better choice these days.
But most home care services are either expensive or offer very limited within time slots. These factors make it difficult for everyone to afford them. But Rising Care brings a lot of medical and non-medical advantages to you at a very affordable price.

What advantages do we offer?

  • We provide expert advisors, skilled doctors and professional physiotherapists
  • We provide nurses and ayahs for a 24x7 service
  • We provide ambulance in emergency situations (especially if any family member is absent)
  • We rent and also sell medical equipment that you may require to keep an eye on your elderly person
  • We provide intense medical care after a patient is discharged from the hospital
  • We provide medicines at your doorsteps, monthly

What makes us better than other elderly home care services?
We understand that old age comes with a lot of complications. Various chronic diseases, elevated blood pressure, arthritis or bone inflammation, weakening of lungs and falling health can become difficult to be dealt with by the elder citizen. This is why we provide home care for elders Kolkata. Our team of experienced doctors and nutritionists make sure that your elderly member’s health is always under serious supervision, and every progress made by them is is studied and recorded.
We understand what our elder members mean to us, how they showered care on us, when we were children. That is why we come with emergency and post hospitalization services as well. Under our emergency services, we offer ambulance and fees less admission in nearest hospitals. Our services are open all day and all night, which is why, we can lend our helping hand any time you are in an emergency or in need of assistance.
Our responsibilities towards you and your elderly family members do not stop there. We provide our home care services even when they are released from the hospital. We believe, that post hospital or surgery care is the vital form of care in case of recovery. Our nurses, doctors, ayahs and physiotherapists are always available for your assistance, no matter where you are situated in Kolkata, to visit your patient for health check-ups and treatment.
Even in your absence, you can rely on us. We serve families where the old people are left alone in their homes, due to their children residing in a different state or a different country. Therefore you can see, that we are not like the other professional home care services, we actually care for the betterment of your elderly member. And that is why we claim ourselves to be the best Elder care in Kolkata.
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