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Physiotherapy at home kolkata for elderly and for general people

We offer customized home base physiotherapy services for elderly and general people

Anybody who is in need of physiotherapy right at their doorstep can rely on our physiotherapy at home visits service. We can absolutely understand that there are some people who are unable to visit the clinics due to physical disability or travel distance. But, they are in urgent need of an assistance from a professionally qualified physiotherapist. This is where the home based services can be a real boon.

Why do people prefer physiotherapy services at home?

There are a number of factors involved for individuals seeking the home based physiotherapy services.

  • You are highly injured
  • You are too sick to travel
  • You are in too much of pain to leave the home.

There are cases where people simply love the idea of undertaking the physiotherapy session because it is comfortable and convenient for them.

Home based physiotherapy care services are available for all

Our physiotherapists at home in Kolkata don’t hesitate to pay a regular visit for any kind of assistance and treatment. This is more so when the case is associated with back and joint pain, arthritis, and post hospitalization homecare physiotherapy sessions. We offer our home based physiotherapy services to everyone, but give more importance to the elderly people who live alone without anyone else’s support in the family.

Senior citizens are taken care more cautiously

Often we find that there are senior citizens who suffer from back problems, arthritis and other post surgery complications. They have to deal with all such conditions alone as they have no one to take care, mostly because their kids are settled abroad due to work and other reasons. This is when a reliable and customized home based advanced physiotherapy at home can be of immense help.

We understand the challenges such sick, elderly people might have to encounter on a regular basis. Henceforth, we are always ready to lend our helping hands and execute the best of services for them.

Post surgery, physiotherapy sessions are helpful

The home services seem to be perfect for the elderly and general patients after a surgery for knee or hip replacement. Post surgery, regaining the strength and balance of the body are quite challenging. It is through the physiotherapy that can help you to heal faster. It is also the time when paying visits to the clinics can be a huge challenge. We provide professional and customized home based physiotherapy in Kolkata services.

The physiotherapist will lay out an individual treatment plan for you

Whenever you seek an appointment with any of our physiotherapist, he/she will visit your home. The specialist will discuss about your present health condition and the problems that are facing. Based on your answers and general health condition, he/she will evaluate the situation and come up with the treatment strategy that works best for you. The individual treatment plan will be made for you and from the very first day of the visit, the treatment will start.

If the situation demands based on your health condition, the physiotherapist might collaborate with other medical experts that are treating you. This approach is taken in order to make sure that if demanded you might have to undergo a multi-disciplinary treatment and care approach.

Why should you choose us?

  • We make use of the latest and the best pain relief techniques.
  • Our physiotherapists are dedicated health experts committed towards your better overall health.
  • Customized or individual treatment plan is laid out based on the health condition for every patient.
  • We have special home services for the elderly people suffering from arthritis, back pain or in need of post surgery physiotherapy sessions.
  • Our primary motive is to help you heal faster and build a better body.

For any kind of home based physiotherapy assistance and treatment, you are free to call us us or get in touch anytime.