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Senior Care Services & Elder Care Services at home

Overview Of Our Services

Rising Care is a pioneer in providing senior citizens care,elder care kolkata,Probeen Porisheba,the medical and psychological care they need, at the comfort of their own homes. From regular check ups and consultations by specialist doctors to emergency services and special services like speech therapy, yoga therapy, rehabilitation for post-stroke and chronic arthritis, psychological counseling and many more, we provide the elderly a sense of relief and their children an assurance of the physical and psychological well-being of their parents.

Health check-up and rejuvenation facilities for every elderly person in Kolkata

As a person gradually becomes old, a feeling of desolation and insecurity slowly grips the elderly and that’s mainly because of their failing health and inability to cope up with various diseases like chronic diseases, elevated blood pressure, arthritis of bone and joints, digestive disorders, weakening heart and lungs, dental problems, hearing disabilities, urinary incontinence and many more. That’s why regular health check-ups and consultations are needed for every senior citizen Care in Kolkata,Elderly care Kolkata and we provide that and much more. Apart from health check up sessions, we also organize picnics and lesiure trips to some beautiful destinations in India. It not only rejuvenates the senior citizens but also prompts them to think that they are never deprived from the love and affection of their dear ones.

This state, however, goes past the amounts. Someplace along someone lies in need of consideration and care, and that someone could be your favourite uncle, your grandpa, your dad, or your partner.

Symptoms of the disease can certainly be mistaken with ordinary ‘age-associated’ issues, including forgetfulness and inability to obtain new memories. Later on, as the disease progress, other symptoms like irritability, mood swings, aggression, confusion, language break down, and total withdrawal of the individual may be found.

Currently, physicians continue to be not certain as to the actual cause of Alzheimer’s disease and its own progression. There are not any treatments to inhibit or prevent the progress of the disorder although there are treatments that provide temporary symptomatic relief. The best thing which can be done for someone who has Alzheimer’s is to make his or her remaining years as cozy as possible.

But this is no simple job. Seniors with ADVERTISEMENT are put in retirement homes or similar facilities in which skilled professionals have the ability to supply all around attention. In addition, there are some cases where the patients are kept to the care of loved ones at home.

Be cheerful, understanding, sensitive, positive, and patient. Develop routines to assure your patient – him wills facilitate Keep your patient away from damage, similar to the way you’d “kid-proof” your house. Take relaxation that you should not blame yourself once the weight has become too hefty, and that you’re not alone. There are constantly retirement facilities that may be willing to lift your load. Seek encouragement from fellow health professionals. Read on Senior Alzheimer’s Care for the striving journey that lies ahead to prepare yourself if a loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.